We are a law firm and accountants especially dedicated
To the Tax Law.
Tax Consultants

Inspection Management

Direct contact with tax authorities allows for a comprehensive understanding of any adjustment to anticipate the defense and evidence that will have to be timely provided. Adequate management of inspections allows us to minimize future contingencies with the ensuing savings in resources.

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Legal Representation and Counsel before Administrative and Judicial Courts

The members of Grinberg Tax are renowned across all courts. Legal representation and counsel is a commitment we honor before the Argentine Supreme Court, Federal and Provincial Courts, Tax Courts, as well as national, provincial and local revenue services.

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Criminal Tax Defense

Our criminal and criminal procedural strategy is to achieve our client’s acquittal at the pre-trial investigation stage. The well-known acuteness of Grinberg Tax allows for safe detection of procedural defects that lead to the procedure being declared void. If the trial stage were to be reached, the goal is to secure acquittal by reason of the crime of which the defendant is accused, ensuring the client that each and every procedural remedy available will be pursued.

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Advisory Services for Companies
Their knowledge on all applicable regulations and case law allows Grinberg Tax to provide comprehensive assistance including tax planning,
tax inefficiency detection, tax benefit leverage, and lawsuit prevention.


About Grinberg Tax

Grinberg Tax is a law and accounting firm focused on Tax Law.

The members of Grinberg Tax have pursued their professional careers in multinational companies and first-class law firms. Prestigious national and international journals list the members of Grinberg Tax as prominent figures in the tax law field.

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